Saturday, November 1, 2008

old attempts

last year in November 2007
I had the idea of using the plot of a classic danish play, which turned out to have been borrowed itself by Ludvig Holberg

Jeppe på berget - Wikipedia: "Jeppe på berget (original Jeppe paa bierget) är en komedi av Ludvig Holberg 1722."

Jeppe på bjerget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "a 1981 Danish film directed by Kaspar Rostrup and based on a play by Ludvig Holberg." which I loved

Hilltop Farm

Stale urine in the pot by Jimmy's bed stank sweetly of spirits and a heavy days drinking. Behind the half closed curtains of the box bed the bobble on Jimmy's night cap wobbled with each gargantuan snore. Disgusting you modern readers think, but the twenty first century ecologists have not yet found out that piss, after being kept for fourteen days, is good for washing both the lanolin out of wool and the washing of the hair on their own heads. Two hundred or more years ago any sensible and thrifty farmer's wife like Jimmy's Nelly emptied their night pots into a barrel by the kitchen for future use.

Nellie was in the kitchen and her thoughts were fuming, her no good husband had been too drunk to get up for breakfast again and she had had to set the farm workers their tasks. It was market day and she was too busy to go herself because she was making butter and cheese and keeping the dairy maids at their work pounding the milk up and down with the old style barrel churn. If this was not done at once on a warm summer day the milk would go sour before it could be used or sold. She kept looking up at the riding crop hanging up by the great wood smoke blackened fireplace, she felt the crop,which she had named Master Eric was her only friend. Nellie was small of stature and when she was in a bad temper she would grab Master Eric and lash out. Woe betide any dog or lazy farm servant that stood before her, only a couple of days ag she had had to beat Jeppe about the head and shoulders to get him to do any farm work and take his manly responsibilities seriously. . . . . .

which text I kept in google Docs

National Novel Writing Month: November 2007: "''During the reign of the Caliph Haroun Alraschid, there lived at Bagdad a very rich merchant, whose wife was far advanced in years. They had an only son, called Abou Hassan, who had been in every respect brought up with great strictness.

'The merchant died when this son was thirty years old; and Abou Hassan, who was his sole heir, took possession of the vast wealth which his father had amassed, by great parsimony, and a constant industry in business. The son, whose views and inclinations were different from those of his father, very soon began to dissipate his fortune." one of the original sources also used by Shakespeare

new diary: November 2006: "Wednesday, November 01, 2006
chapter 1
before 1936 to 1942

My mother's life fell apart in 1942 . . . . .

to be continued

and yes I got hooked on research instead of writing for the third time in NaNoWriMo space"

Iron Way: "Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Chapter 1

I heard my cell phone ring and then I woke up feeling scared. When I reached out and picked it up it was off. Was it a dream? My heart was pounding in my chest. Cold sweat beaded my brow.
I sat bolt upright and very very still in the dark bedroom. I could hear breathing."

Viking Novel: November 2004: "Monday, November 29, 2004
Chapter 1
The left wingtip of the aeroplane seemed to reach out to brush the bare rocky hillside, but I was not scared"

Viking Novel: November 2004: "Those wooden swords were jiggling at their hips as the boys walked past the hut where their kinsman Einar from Suderoy still snored.
“Silly old fool – whenever he gets drunk he gets into fights,” said Thorer.
“And runs around waving his axe” answered Sigmund.
“Wicked!” was the reply as they vaulted the sheep proof stone wall around the inner field
of the village."

Viking Novel: May 2005: "Rule #5 is 'Turn off the television. For eight months.
Spend more time writing. You never waste time by writing—you only waste
time by not writing"

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