Friday, October 2, 2009

Kitty, cell phone novelist

Today's Guest: Kitty, cell phone novelist | National Novel Writing Month: "Q: Kitty, you wrote your NaNo-novel on a cell phone. How does that work? Are your thumbs damaged from your efforts? How is this better than noveling on a computer?
A: I actually type faster on my Blackberry—using only my thumbs—than I do on a computer keyboard. On a computer, I already type at 40 words per minute, so on a phone I can churn out quite a lot of words! Because I spend most of my day typing, I’ve built up a tolerance to any pain that may occur. My thumbs are pretty quick!

I’ve met many other people who wrote their novel over the phone, but I don’t know how many did it using the memo pad feature like I did. Memo pad is a program for writing notes or making lists or—in my case—writing a novel!

Once I have a full chapter, I cut and paste it onto my novel page on MobaMingle, where I have a loyal readership of fourteen registered fans. Because I can make my novel public, people can comment on my writing (and literally demand that I write more!)."

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